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Remedies that You Can Do at Home for Coughs


When we have a mild ailment, such as a cough, we frequently use over-the-counter medications to relieve our symptoms. However, not everyone enjoys taking medications. As a wellness clinic in Forney, Texas we are offering the following treatments that you might want to try:

  • You may try honey.

    It has been shown that honey can ease coughing and sore throats. A teaspoon of honey can help you cough up less, and you can also use it to sweeten hot tea. But you need to remember, don’t give honey to kids under one year old. Bacteria that are hazardous to newborns may be present. If you feel that the cough is too much, you should ask for help from providers of medical treatments.

  • Keep drinking water.

    Usually, patients who go to the emergency room with a cough frequently express their frustration that drinking water hurts. But you must continue to drink water. Your body can remove mucus from your throat much more quickly when you drink to help thin it down. Physicians usually suggest this when you avail of telehealth services.

  • Add moisture to the air.

    Your cough may get worse if the air is dry. Adding moisture to the air at home is a common recommendation made to patients at our urgent care in Tripple Kare Clinic. You can achieve this by having a hot shower or utilizing a cool-mist humidifier.

These suggestions should help you relieve your cough. Feel free to call us whenever you need additional assistance. We also offer IV Hydration Therapy in Texas.

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