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Discover the Advantages of Telemedicine for Patients


The ongoing pandemic has cemented the importance of healthcare technology in delivering quality patient care and healthcare services. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through technology like video conferencing applications. This allows healthcare providers to deliver medical treatments like patient education, monitoring, and intervention remotely.

As a trusted wellness clinic in Forney, Texas, we will discuss the advantages of telemedicine:

  • No transportation time or costs

    Although you will still need to travel for treatments like IV hydration therapy in Texas, diagnosing and treating other diseases can be done over the phone or by computer, saving you money on gas, parking, or public transportation. This also eliminates the need to take time off from work to go to your appointment.

  • Lesser risk of catching a new illness

    Upon arriving at the doctor’s office, you will likely need to sit in the waiting room with other patients, exposing you to patients who may have various symptoms. By staying at home, you can receive the care you need while avoiding the risk of exposure to other illnesses and passing it on to family or household members.

  • Improved patient outcomes

    With easier access to healthcare services, you can now see your doctor as often as you need to without the challenges of missing work or transportation. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of telemedicine services can also increase access to care.

Our commitment drives us at Tripple Kare Clinic to increase the public’s access to high-quality healthcare. Hence, we offer telehealth services after initial patient consultation and visit. For inquiries about this service, give us a call and register online to avail of our other programs at our clinic.

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