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Ask Us: Should I Take my Annual Physicals?


The short answer is yes! That said, we understand how undergoing an annual physical can be discouraging because of various factors ranging from daily inconveniences to not believing they make a difference.

Unfortunately, this is not surprising considering that this is a preventative measure. However, as a wellness clinic in Forney, Texas, we say that while some can go without their annual physicals, some individuals need to have them as scheduled. These include:

  • People who have high risks for diseases

    For individuals who have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, an annual physical can give them the head start they need to make the appropriate lifestyle changes and get the necessary medical treatments.

  • Women who are entering their 40s

    By age 40, women should take their annual mammogram screening for breast cancer per The American Cancer Society.

  • Men who are entering their 50s

    By age 50, men should get their prostate cancer screening especially if they have a family history of this type of cancer. By age 65, those who smoke or have smoked before should get screened for abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Regardless of whether you belong to any of these criteria or not, getting your annual physicals and other preventive routine services is always worthwhile to catch conditions before they progress.

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