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Tripple Kare Clinic, is a direct primary care (DPC).
What is a Direct Primary Care Practice?
A Direct Primary Care Practice is a practice model where the provider focuses attention and time on the patient directly at a cheaper cost without any hindrances from the insurance company. This model give the patient an opportunity to pay for their health services at their convenience either by paying cash for service or by membership where the patient is being charged a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to cover for most primary care services and management.

Why Enroll in a Direct Primary Care Practice?

  • No Co-pay, No Insurance, No Deductible
  • Direct Access to your provider via phone/text
  • Decrease cost of services for patient
  • Extended visit time with provider (no rushed visit)
  • Appointment via in person, phone, mobile visit or telehealth
  • After Business Hours support
  • Unlimited monthly visit with membership

General Wellness
we specialize in a wide spectrum of health programs that not only improve one’s physical function but also the lifestyle habits of each client. We use a multidimensional take for every client, personalizing our treatments to better alleviate their current symptoms, promote healthy living, and improve their cognitive and emotional development.

Importance of Direct Practice Clinic

Wondering whether direct practice care is right for your health? You might find this video helpful in learning more about its benefits.